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OCU Promotes Cultural Sensitivity with Conference
OKLAHOMA CITY — A conference at Oklahoma City University April 16 is intended to promote cultural sensitivity. It begins at 9 a.m. with sessions throughout the day. This year’s Cultural Compass Conference, free to the public and titled “Missed Communication – Daring to Discuss Difference,” will feature U.S. Professor of the Year Michael Wesch and a keynote speech by incoming OCU President Robert H. Henry. Clinton Normore, director of Multicultural Student Affairs at OCU, said the conference is particularly important for college students, as college campuses tend to have many guests from all corners of the world. “This event is designed to engage students, faculty and staff along with industry personnel for the betterment of our society by discussing the most poignant issue, which, in my opinion, is at the root of most of our consternations—cultural differences,” Normore said. “This conference is centered on culture and the varied elements of difference, which create barriers to better understanding and more civil discourse in the wake of disagreements.” The main focus of this year’s conference is the importance of communication. “Without truly understanding one another and by completely overlooking the factors that most likely shaped our ideology, we tend to draw conclusions from the preface of a conversation, a remark, a response, facial expressions and body language. These premature assumptions move us further away from clear and effective communication” he added. There will be presentations throughout the day addressing individual topics including culture in the classroom, how understanding cultural differences can enhance leadership qualities and how technology can help different cultures communicate. More information about the conference is available at the link, See Also: National Professor of the Year to Present at Oklahoma City University