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Nursing School Inducts 90 Students

Oklahoma City University’s Kramer School of Nursing held its first induction ceremony in the campus chapel for 90 students starting their first nursing courses.

Although nursing caps and capping ceremonies have passed into history, Kramer School of Nursing faculty decided to establish a new tradition to mark the entrance of students who have achieved the necessary qualifications to begin nursing courses.

The students participating in the ceremony have started working on Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees and toward Registered Nurse licensure.  

The first three weeks of the first semester of courses provided an immersion experience that introduced students to professional issues and ethics, culminating in the induction ceremony. Students wore their uniforms for the first time and received their badges, which allow them to enter patient clinical areas.

During the ceremony, parents and friends witnessed the students vowing to abide by the Nursing Student Code of Conduct, a precursor to the oath for the Code of Ethics for Nurses that they will take during the pinning ceremony at the end of the program.

Kramer School of Nursing also provides Master of Science in nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice, and Ph.D. in nursing degrees. Programs are offered year round and allow students to proceed at part-time, traditional or accelerated rates. For more information, visit