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'333' Screening Encourages Tolerance, Cooperation

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma premiere of a documentary focused on the ancient Manuscripts of Mali sent a message of acceptance and understanding to the local community, according to many who attended the screening of “333.”

“333” explores the University of Timbuktu, in the African country of Mali, and the various aspects of a nation’s historic success in conflict resolution. The film encourages peaceful dialogue, aimed at creating sustained harmony and tolerance among Jews, Christians and Muslims worldwide, said Michael D. Covitt, the film’s producer.

The film was shown in September on the campuses of Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City Community College and Oklahoma State University.

“333 is a compelling documentary, which underscores my belief that education is the key to understanding… and understanding allows love and cooperation rather than fear and aggression,” said local businesswoman Lynne Hardin.

“The film is powerful, timely and highly informative,” said Paul Sechrist, president of Oklahoma City Community College. “More importantly, it has a message that could change hearts and minds.”

Marty O’Gwynn, vice president of university advancement and external relations at Oklahoma City University, said the film shares the principles that are at the heart of understanding.

“The strength of the film, from my perspective, is that it shows the value of meeting people where they are and seeking to understand why they hold a different view on a matter,” he said. “ ‘333’ demonstrates the principles of respect and forgiveness. It is hard to get to the latter without employing the former – on just about any matter.”