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Singapore Commencement Message


Oklahoma City University congratulates MDIS for its leadership in education and for its service for over a half century as Singapore’s most respected not-for-profit professional institute for learning. Our university is proud to be an international partner with MDIS, and we offer our best wishes for the continued growth and success of MDIS. Oklahoma City University and MDIS share a dedication for providing adult learners with opportunities to improve their skills and advance in their professions.

This is a day to celebrate the great achievements of our students as they complete their degree programs. Their hard work and dedication to academic excellence both here in Singapore and in Oklahoma City, make us very proud to count them among the alumni of Oklahoma City University.

Through our partnership with MDIS, Oklahoma City University offers a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. Our degree program is designed to incorporate both theory and practice and to offer MDIS students opportunities to learn from some of Oklahoma City University’s most outstanding faculty. Our faculty members consider it an honor and a pleasure to come to Singapore to teach the excellent students that MDIS serves, and we are always pleased to receive MDIS students on our Oklahoma City campus. 

Our university is ranked as a top-tier Western region master’s institution and as a “A+ Schools for B+ Students” by U.S. News and World Report magazine. We are recognized by the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the “Best Colleges to Work For.” It gives us great pride to offer our highly regarded programs to the students of MDIS and to continue our partnership with your fine institution. 


Susan C. Barber
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs