Faculty & Staff
Julie Bartel-Biebrich
Practicum Regulations Specialist

Office: NSW 127
Phone: (405) 208-5933
Julie Bartel-Biebrich’s adventure began in the Panhandle of Oklahoma, growing up on a farm and ranch in Beaver County. She expanded her horizons by attending Oklahoma State University and graduating with a BS in Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing, in 1988. She was accepted to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program after graduation, spending the next 18 years in the Florida Sunshine and gaining experience in both the hospitality and consumer sales industries. She eventually worked for a mom-and-pop company that provided an outstanding environment in which to learn about the corporate world. Julie moved up to management and handled marketing programs for the top hardware and software companies in the world. This small company was very successful and was eventually sold to a fortune 100 company. She fondly recalls the time as an amazing experience and in which she learned a great deal.

Julie also spent part of her time doing costume design for stage, TV, and movies. She received awards and critical acclaim for her work, which focused mostly on independent productions, though she also did small sewing jobs for Nickelodeon and The Mickey Mouse Club during the 1990s. In 2007, she and her husband and decided to move back to Oklahoma to be close to her family.

Julie has had many adventures through her life, including being selected as a young student to attend the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans, learning the inner workings of the national government. She has had the pleasure to travel to many different parts of the U.S., as well as the world. Julie continues to sew, work on the farm, and enjoy rediscovering everything with her little boy.