A New Global Standard

The vision for Kramer School of Nursing (KSN) goes beyond the provision of excellent education. As an established leader for exceptional results in nursing education, KSN and its faculty seek to provide students with powerful opportunities that serve to transform them as individuals, the patients that they or their students will serve, and the profession of nursing. Many such strategies involve unconventional, cross-cultural, inter-professional and international endeavors.

Oklahoma City University is a medium-sized, private, United Methodist university that provides a liberal arts foundation for nursing. This environment fosters unique and transformative thinking, by both faculty and students, that includes exploring creativity, integration of the arts into education, global therapy options, international exchanges, mission and ministry opportunities, and much more.

KSN and OCU are continuously developing relationships with community, state, national and international organizations, in order to improve the physical and spiritual health of the citizens of Earth.

Join the KSN adventure as we seek to set a new global standard for innovative thinking and research that extends through all educational and outreach efforts.

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Continuing Education