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KSN Adopts New Vision for the Future

As Fall 2011 began, Kramer School of Nursing (KSN) adopted a new vision to guide its future. Having achieved the previous vision to become the premier private nursing school in Oklahoma and the six contiguous states, KSN is now viewing Earth from a stars perspective with the goal to become the planets foremost model for revolutionary, transformative nursing education. As an already established leader for exceptional results in nursing education, KSN now seeks to provide students with powerful experiences that will transform them as individuals, the patients that they or their students will serve, and the profession of nursing. Many such strategies involve unconventional, cross cultural, interprofessional, and international endeavors. The theme for this academic year launching the new vision is Cosmic Creativity. Already underway are projects to equip a centralized resource center for faculty and staff to enhance the fulfillment of their work through art, media, graphics and statistical software, manipulatives, and more. A unique new mock trial project with the OCU School of Law has already produced revolutionary awareness in nursing students about the legal implications of practicing as an impaired nurse. Use of animal-assisted therapy to reduce student anxiety that will carry over into patient care is in development, as are new international learning experiences with the University of Plymouth (England) and KSN alumni in Kenya. These life-changing experiences are only the beginning.