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KSN Alumni and Faculty Named Nurse of the Year

Kramer School of Nursing is proud to announce the alumni and faculty members who were nominees, finalists, and winners at the 2012 March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Awards Gala, held at the Skirvin Hotel on September 6, 2012.  This annual awards gala is a statewide effort to promote the mission of the March of Dimes, to recognize outstanding nurses, and to promote the future of the nursing profession as well.  The 2012 Nominees were Karen Blackburn, Dr. Linda Cook, Jaquita Gardner, Dr. Lynn Korvick, Dr. Carol Mannahan, Angela Strickland, Agnes Tonkumoh and Lindsey Voss.  Six of these nominees went on to become finalists, including Karen Blackburn (Obstetrics/gynecology), Dr. Linda Cook, (Advanced Practice – Adult), Jaquita Gardner (Public Health & Ambulatory Care), Dr. Carol Mannahan (Quality Improvement & Risk Management), Agnes Tonkumoh (Oncology) and Lindsey Voss (Neonatal).  Both Karen Blackburn and Dr. Carol Mannahan were further named winners in their categories.  Congratulations to all of these KSN alumni and faculty!