Master of Science in Nursing

Career advancement for the working nurse

A male nurse monitors a video screen with patient data on it.To address the severe shortage of nurses with graduate degrees, all applicants who meet the admission and eligibility requirements are accepted. Kramer School of Nursing has no waiting list.

Full-time or part-time study is available. Most nursing courses are scheduled for 2-4 hours on Thursdays to allow the student to attend school while continuing employment. Business courses in the Nursing Administration track meet one evening a week. All courses are taught by doctorally prepared nurses or nursing leaders with post-master’s education who are advanced specialists in their fields.

Are you an RN who has a non-nursing bachelor's degree? You can apply for admission directly into the MSN program. See below for more information.

MSN Degree Tracks

Nursing Education

Designed to prepare the nurse to teach in post-secondary nursing programs, including schools of practical nursing, associate degree programs, and baccalaureate and higher degree programs. This track also prepares leaders for staff education positions within the health care system.

Nursing Leadership

Designed to prepare the nurse to serve in middle and upper management roles, including executive leadership, within health care organizations.

Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) 

Oversee the integration of care for a specific set patients in clinical settings. The CNL is an advanced generalist, leading an interdisciplinary team using advanced knowledge to guide healthcare from a clinical and leadership perspective.  Examples of responsibilities include: Determining treatment plans for your patients, collecting and evaluating treatment results, and overseeing an interdisciplinary healthcare team.

Eligibility & Admission
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