To be considered for an OCULeads scholarship: 

        1.  Applicants must be entering freshmen or transfer students.* 
        2.  Applicants must submit the application by February 1, 2015.**
        3.  Applicants must apply for admission to OCU before submitting an OCULeads application. 
        4.  Applicants must meet the following criteria:
               • ACT of at least 24
               • High School GPA of at least 3.25
*Due to scheduling considerations and arts management focus, prospective dance majors should apply to Dance & Entertainment LEADS in place of OCULeads.  
**Preference will be given to individuals who apply before December 1, 2014.
How to Apply

Applications for the 2015-2016 scholarship will be available beginning September 2, 2014.  

To complete your application you must submit: 
        1.  A resume detailing your leadership, community service and extra-curricular activities
        2.  Choose one: OCULeads Application or Dance & Entertainment LEADS Application
        3.  Recent picture 
        4.  Leadership essay (prompt below)
Please, write an essay on the following topic. How do you define leadership? How did you develop your definition, and how have you practiced this type of leadership in your life?
(No more than 500 words) 

First-year OCULeads students will enroll in a 1-credit hour course for both the fall and spring semesters. Members are encouraged to discover their individual strengths through a variety of activities including:

        • Participating in a unique retreat which will encourage team-building and cooperation
        • Volunteering for and planning local community service projects
        • Attending exclusive events at the invitation of OCU President Robert Henry
        • Meeting the scholars and distinguished guest speakers visiting OCU

OCULeads students are eligible to receive leadership scholarships that can be renewed for up to 4-years.