Professor Lectured in North Wales

       Robin R. Meyers, distinguished professor of social justice, delivered the Robinson/Spong Lectures on Progressive Christian at the historic Gladstone Library in North Wales last week.

      The lecture is named after the late Bishop John A.T. Robinson, author of "Honest to God," and retired Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong, author of numerous books on progressive Christianity.

      Meyers gave five one-hour lectures, including one public lecture, under the theme, "The Once and Future Dissident Church." His next book, expanding on his Lyman Beecher Lectures at Yale, is forthcoming from Yale University Press.

Professor Gets Published

Philosophy professor Nathan Ross had an essay published in the Spring/Summer issue of the Graduate Faculty philosophy journal. The essay is titled “Friedrich Schlegel on the Cultivation of Common Sense in Aesthetic and Political Critique.” It examines the work of the German Romantic philosopher and shows his contributions to political philosophy and aesthetics.

Congratulations to Alumna, Emma Velez

Emma Velez was accepted to the doctoral program in philosophy at Stony Brook University in New York. Velez was also offered a $17,145 stipend for her first year of the university’s teaching assistantship, a full tuition scholarship, and was nominated for the W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship.

College Awards

Congratulations to the 

Outstanding Senior Woman

and the 

Outstanding Senior Man

of the

Petree College of Arts and Sciences

for 2012-2013!


Outstanding Senior Woman  *     Robin Arielle Ladd (Political Science/Philosophy major)

Outstanding Senior Man       *    Chester Alan Hendershot Jr. (Cell and Molecular Biology major)

Alumnus Promoted

David Seay (received a degree in Philosophy from Oklahoma City University) was promoted to executive vice president and chief legal officer at Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State:

Congratulations to Alum, Jason Blakeburn

Congratulations to Jason Blakeburn! He will pursue his master's degree at Boston University of Theology on a full scholarship and will receive a stipend. He is the recipient of the prestigious Dean's Fellowship.

Jason was a Religion/Philosophy major at Oklahoma City University and graduated in May of this year.

Professor to Present at Seminar

Dr. Robin Meyers is giving a presentation in Texas:

Professor/Chairman Recently Published

A book translated by philosophy professor and department chairman Scott Davidson was recently published. “Barbarism,” written by Michel Henry, is published by Continuum Books. Read more about “Barbarism” or order copies at the link:

Professor Noted for Accomplishments

Philosophy professor Scott Davidson published a chapter titled “Paul Ricoeur and Bell Hooks on the Development of Social Esteem” in the book, “From Ricoeur to Action,” edited by Todd Mei and David Levin (Continuum Press, 2012). The book is a collection of work from an international team of leading Ricoeur scholars who seek to extend Ricoeur's thought in order to develop productive responses to 21st century problems such as race, environmental ethics, technology, political utopia and reinterpreting religion.

Davidson also recently delivered a presentation titled “John Rawls and Grapes: How political philosophy can enhance grape cultivars”  at the Agricultural Experiment Station of Cornell University.

Letzeiser Medals

*Congratulations are in order to all the Letzeiser Medal winners!* 

These are awarded to students with academic excellence in 105 or more semester hours at OCU. We want to congratulate:

  • Marina Aleksandrovna Kravtsova, Cell and Molecular Biology, silver medal;
  • Kathryn Elizabeth Nason, Biomedical Science, bronze medal;
  • Jason Blakeburn, Religion/Philosophy, gold medal;
  • Kenneth David Kimbrough, Philosophy, gold medal; and
  • Destry James Elms, Cell and Molecular Biology, bronze medal.