Research Resources

Need help writing a paper?

Visit Jim Pryor’s Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers.

Need help reading philosophy?

Identifying the Argument of an Essay. From Frank Edler at the Metropolitan Community College of Omaha.

Reading Philosophical Texts. From Garth Kemerling at Newberry College.

Taking Notes on Philosophical Texts. Notes on notes from Peter.

Need to figure out what a philosophical term means?

Visit Jim Pryor’s Guide to Philosophical terms.

Need to practice critical thinking?

Want to learn more about a topic in philosophy?

Visit these Internet Encyclopedias:
1. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
2. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Want to find philosophy online?

Visit the following sites:
1. Guide to Philosophy Resources On-line.
2. Episteme Links

Want to learn more about philosophy as a profession?

Visit the following sites:
1. The American Philosophical Association
2. The Philosopher’s Magazine Online

Want to present or publish your work?
Here’s a link to a list of undergraduate journals, conferences, contests.