Physics Department  
Bachelor of Science in Physics

Major Requirements

Credit Hours: 42

Required Physics Courses: 26
PHYS 2104 University Physics I
PHYS 2141 University Physics I Lab
PHYS 2204 University Physics II
PHYS 2241 University Physics II Lab
PHYS 3041 Advanced Physics Lab
PHYS 3103 Analytical Mechanics
PHYS 3203 Thermodynamics
PHYS 3303 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 3403 Optics
PHYS 3503 Modern Physics
Eight credit hours of 3000 or 4000 level
Physics electives (see below)

Required Mathematics Courses: 8
MATH 2004 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
MATH 2104 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II

Physics Electives: 8
PHYS 1014 Astronomy
PHYS 2314 Introduction to Electronics
PHYS 3603 Electric Fields and Circuits
PHYS 3703 Solid State Physics
PHYS 3804 Engineering Math I
PHYS 3903 Engineering Math II
PHYS 4003 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 4103 Fluid Mechanics
PHYS 4203 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 4303 Relativity
PHYS 4403 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 4503 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 4603 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
PHYS 4691-3 Introduction to Physical Research
PHYS 4991-3 Independent Study

Mathematics and Computer Science Electives

Physics majors are encouraged to take as many courses in mathematics and computer science as time permits, in particular the following:

MATH 2203 Calculus III 3
MATH 3003 Linear Algebra 3
MATH 3303 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
CSCI 1514 Algorithm Design and Programming I 4