Police Department  
Emergency Phones

USE EMERGENCY TELEPHONE TO:A logo reads "Call 911 in an Emergency"

  • Report a crime or suspicious activity.
  • Report an accident.
  • Summon assistance for someone injured or sick.
  • Report a fire.
  • Report a safety hazard.
  • Obtain assistance with a motor vehicle problem.
  • Call for a campus safety escort.
  • For any other emergencies.
  • Or if you need assistance from university police.
Emergency Telephone Locations
  • South of Jones Administration Building in Centennial Plaza

  • Northeast corner of the Lacy Visitors and Admissions Center

  • East Main Entrance of the Wanda Bass School of Music

  • North parking lot Meinders School of Business

  • South parking lot Meinders School of Business

  • Southwest of the Kramer School of Nursing

  • Southeast corner of the Lacy Softball Field

  • Northwest of Walker Center Petree College of Arts & Sciences

  • On the Central Quad South of McDaniel University Center

  • East of the Dawson-Loeffler Science & Mathematics Center

  • Kentucky Ave. northwest of the Panhellenic Quadrangle

  • Northeast of Banning Hall / West of Goldstar Tower

  • Noble Drive South of the Chapel

  • Between Harris & Draper Halls

  • East and West Stairwells in Centennial Hall Parking Garage (both levels)

  • Cokesbury Court Apartments Northside of the Club House

  • Cokesbury Court Apartment Eastside of Building #6

  • On all campus elevators

  • New Law School Parking Lot South Side

Courtesy Phones

Courtesy phones may also be used to call the Police Department by dialing ext. 5001 or 5911 in an emergency:

  • In the Sarkeys Law Center Student Lounge

  • On the second floor of the Kirkpatrick Fine Arts Center

  • In the Meinders School of Business Student Lounge

  • In the main entrance of the Dawson-Loeffler Science & Mathematics Center

  • In the main lobby of the Jones Administration Building
OCU Police Department Offices

Location: Room 320 of the Administration Bldg.
Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Office: (405) 208.5001
Fax: (405) 208.6039
Email: ocupd@okcu.edu