Police Department  

I. Scope

These regulations are applicable to all members of the University community – faculty, staff, students, visitors, vendors, and contractors.

II. Definitions

These definitions apply throughout this document:

  • Apartment Resident is any OCU student living in University Manor or Cokesbury Court apartments.

  • Commuter is any OCU student who does not reside on campus.

  • Resident is any OCU student living in a University residence hall.

  • Visitor is any person unaffiliated with OCU as an employee, student, vendor, or contractor.

III. General Information

These rules and regulations have been approved and adopted by the administration of Oklahoma City University. They may be revised, altered, or amended when conditions warrant. The text of all substantive changes will be e-mailed to all faculty, staff, and students or published in the student newspaper, The Campus.

The University reserves the right to change the allocation of parking spaces at any time to meet overall University community needs, including, but not limited to, visitor parking for University special events. OCU is not required to announce temporary changes in allocation or enforcement of these regulations. The OCU Police Department will make a reasonable effort to notify beforehand any user group that may be affected by temporary changes in allocation or availability.

IV. Traffic Regulations

  1. Oklahoma State Statutes and City of Oklahoma City municipal ordinances governing registration, licensure, and/or operation of motor vehicles are applicable on campus and surrounding areas.

  2. The speed limit on university streets and parking lots is 10 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

  3. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.

  4. Except for university vehicles, motor vehicles (including mopeds with engine engaged) may only be driven on roadways, and must observe applicable statutes/ordinances. Only certain university-owned vehicles may be driven on sidewalks.

  5. All on-campus accidents must be reported to the OCU Police Department at once and before the vehicles are moved.

  6. Bicycles

    1. When ridden on streets or in areas intended for use by motor vehicles, bicycles shall observe the “rules of the road” applicable to those vehicles.

    2. Bicycles may be ridden on campus sidewalks, but must always be under control, operated at a safe speed, and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

    3. Bicycles may not be ridden inside any university building.

    4. When parked outdoors, bicycles must be in bicycle racks. Bicycles found unsecured may be secured for safekeeping. Bicycles parked other than in bicycle racks may be issued a parking citation and are subject to impoundment.

  7. In-Line Roller Skates, Roller Skates, and Skateboards

    1. In-line roller skates, roller skates, and skateboards may only be used on campus sidewalks by students, but must always be under control of the user, operated in a safe manner compatible with the flow of pedestrian traffic, and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

    2. “Stunting” of any kind is strictly prohibited.

    3. In-line roller skates, roller skates, and skateboards may not be used inside any university building.

  8. Emergency vehicles are exempt from university traffic regulations.

V. General Parking Regulations

  1. Only parking permits issued or authorized by the OCU Police Department are valid and will be honored. Such substitutes as signs or decals made or issued by others, hand-written notes left on the exterior of a vehicle, etc. will not be honored. United Methodist Clergy passes will be honored.

  2. All parking spaces are allocated to a specific user group and parking permits are available for each category of user.

    1. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    2. The issuance of a parking permit merely constitutes authorization to park if space is available.

    3. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.

    4. Lack of space in a particular lot is not a valid excuse for violating parking regulations, and will not be considered as a valid basis for appeal.

    5. The operator must park only in those spaces or areas allocated and designated for the permit type displayed on his/her vehicle.

  3. Motor vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of the single parking space used. The fact that other motor vehicles may have parked improperly does not constitute an excuse for parking any part of your motor vehicle outside the space boundaries.

  4. Double-parking or parking in any position that prevents other vehicles from entering or exiting their legal parking spaces is prohibited.

  5. Vehicles parking on a street must be parked the same direction as the flow of traffic in the adjacent lane.

  6. Motorcycles may park in any valid parking space.

  7. The responsibility to pay tickets written to any vehicle, no matter who the registered owner is, remains with the registered owner of the parking permit displayed.

  8. Parking on campus is prohibited in areas other than those established for parking and marked by signs or other devices controlling their use.

    1. Any vehicle parking in a yellow zone, driveway, travel lane, curbs or any area not specifically marked as a legal parking space will be subject to citation and may be impounded.

    2. Spaces identified by a sign or pavement marking bearing the international pictographic symbol for a wheelchair are reserved for use only by vehicles displaying a state-issued physical disability permit in conjunction with an appropriate purchased university permit. The state-issued physical disability permit must be issued to either the driver or a passenger of the vehicle.

    3. Spaces identified by signage for use by visitors or Admissions guests are reserved for their use between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Persons affiliated with the university as employees, students, office occupants, or tenants shall not park any vehicle, registered with the university or not, in a visitor / admissions guest parking space during those hours.

  9. All vehicles parking on campus should be secured against theft or burglary. Doors should be locked and windows rolled up.

  10. All parking permit restrictions are applicable during exam weeks, enrollment periods, and unscheduled class cancellations.

  11. A standard color-code is used on curbing, edge-striping, and other parking space identification to indicate certain restrictions as follows:

    • Yellow means No Parking Any Time.

    • White means parking is reserved for 15-minute Loading or Service Vehicle Use.

    • Blue means parking is reserved for use by Physically Disabled Permit Holders.

    • Red means Fire Lane: No Parking Any Time.

  12. Motor vehicle maintenance, such as washing with a hose, changing oil, or repair work involving removal of major parts of the vehicles, is not permitted on campus.

  13. Vehicles with flat tires or other evidence of non-use, left parked in the same space for more than one (1) week, will be considered derelict or abandoned and are subject to ticketing and/or impoundment.

  14. Persons who park near the athletic fields do so at their own risk. The university is not liable for damage caused to vehicles by stray balls.

VI. Parking Permits

  1. No motor vehicle may be parked on campus without a valid parking permit or other authorization from the Police Department, except between the hours of 7 p.m. Fridays and 7 a.m. Mondays. Housing permits are required for their parking spaces at all times, unless marked for visitors.

  2. No vehicle is considered “legal” for parking purposes until the permit/decal has been properly and visibly displayed in the vehicle as instructed below.

    1. University permits shall be affixed to the lower left-hand corner of the driver’s side front windshield and are transferable "static cling" that can be moved to another vehicle belonging to the registered owner of the permit. 

    2. Temporary permits shall be hung from the rear-view mirror with the permit number visible from the front of the vehicle.

    3. Motorcycle permits shall be affixed to the left-hand fork or if applicable a standard university permit may be displayed on the lower left-hand corner of the windshield.

  3. Faculty and Staff Permits are available at the OCU Police Department office, room 320, Clara Jones Administration Building, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outside normal business hours the building may be locked; please contact the dispatcher at 208-5001 for access. Student Permits are available down the hall at the Student Accounts Office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

    1. Anyone desiring a University parking permit must complete an application/registration form, which will be reviewed for legibility and completeness before processing. Information that may be required includes:

      • Name
      • Current Local Address
      • Telephone Number
      • Emergency Contact Information
      • Residents of University Manor and Cokesbury may need a copy of their lease.

    2. Any person who gives false information on the application/registration form may be subject to fines and/or university disciplinary action.

    3. The cost of a regular parking permit is as follows: $100 per academic year. All 2013-2014 permits expires August 31, 2014.

    4. The cost of a motorcycle permit is free if requested with the purchase of a regular parking permit, otherwise it is $100.

    5. Permits will be billed to students university account, or direct payments may be made at the Student Accounts, Suite 340 of the Clara Jones Administration Building, during regular business hours.

    6. Permits are available on or after August 1 of each year.

  4. Each person purchasing/obtaining a permanent parking permit will be issued only one permit that is transferable to any vehicle driven by the permit owner. If a permit is lost/stolen, another permit must be obtained at OCUPD.

    1. Permits may not be re-sold to a second party.

    2. Permits determined to be in use by other than the purchaser are void and subject to confiscation. Any vehicle in which such permit is displayed is subject to impoundment.

    3. Vehicles shall not display more than one (1) permanent transferable OCU parking permit.

  5. Temporary Permits: Students, Faculty and Staff with current OCU Parking Permit or Vendors may receive up to three (3) free Temporary Permits per year. Each temporary permit shall only be valid for a maximum of two (2) weeks and are not to be used consecutively. Temporary permits may be obtained from the Police Department twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days per week.

  6. Lost or stolen permits must be reported immediately to the OCU Police Department regardless of the location at which the loss/theft occurred. Any vehicle displaying a parking permit that has been reported lost or stolen will be issued a parking citation and may be impounded.

  7. Owners are responsible for removing university parking permits/decals prior to the sale / disposal of any vehicle, and for reporting the change in ownership status to the OCU Police Department.

VII. Student Parking Regulations

  1. General Restrictions and Parking Provisions

    1. Parking permit restrictions in all parking areas are enforced from the first day of class through the last day of finals each semester.

    2. Student parking areas may not be enforced for permit restrictions during intersession periods.

    3. Cokesbury, Methodist Hall and University Manor permitted motor vehicles must remain parked in their respective complexes except on:

                             Weekends between 7 p.m. Fridays and 7 a.m. Mondays.

  1. Student Employees

    1. Students holding university employment in student positions are not eligible for employee parking privileges.

    2. Students appointed as full-time university employees may choose to be designated either as a student or as faculty/staff regarding parking, but may not be designated as both.

  2. Commuter & Resident Students
    Commuter and Resident students with general parking permits may park in the following parking lots:

    • Noble Drive (excluding School of Law designated parking)
    • Draper Drive
    • Sutton Baseball Complex parking lot
    • Loeffler parking lot
    • Wellness Center parking lot (north of the Freede Wellness Activity Center)
    • Nursing School parking lot
    • Arts and Sciences parking lot
    • Goldbug parking lot (north of Dulaney Browne Library)
    • N.W. 26th Street (between Florida and Blackwelder Ave.)
    • Blackwelder Avenue (between NW 23rd St. and NW 27th St.)
    • West Fine Arts parking lot
    • Children’s Art Center parking
    • Save-a Stop parking (northeast corner of Blackwelder and N.W. 23rd Street)
    • The East Ann Lacy parking lots (excluding designated Visitor Parking)
    • East Wilson House parking
    • OCU-designated spaces of the United Methodist Conference Center.
  3. University Manor and Cokesbury Court Residents
    Residents of Cokesbury Court and University Manor Apartments must purchase and display a valid parking permit at all times and are restricted to parking within those complexes during normal university business hours. (see VII.A.3.a&b.)

  4. Methodist Hall Residents
    Vehicles must purchase and display a valid permit at all times and have authorized access to the garage by student I.D. Vehicles are restricted to parking in the Centennial Garage during normal university business hours. (see VII.A.3.a&b.)

VIII. Faculty and Staff Parking

Faculty and staff with valid parking permits may park in the following parking lots:

  • Noble Drive (excluding School of Law designated parking)
  • Draper Drive
  • Sutton Baseball Complex parking lot
  • Loeffler parking lot
  • Wellness Center parking lot (north of the Freede Wellness Activity Center)
  • Nursing School parking lot
  • Arts and Sciences parking lot
  • Goldbug parking lot (north of Dulaney Browne Library)
  • N.W. 26th Street (between Florida and Blackwelder Ave.)
  • Blackwelder Avenue (between NW 23rd St. and NW 27th St.)
  • West Fine Arts parking lot
  • Children’s Art Center parking
  • Save-a Stop parking (northeast corner of Blackwelder and N.W. 23rd Street)
  • East Ann Lacy parking lots (excluding designated Visitor Parking)
  • East Wilson House parking lot
  • OCU-designated spaces of the United Methodist Conference Center.

IX. Adjudication of Parking Citations

  1. Appeals

    1. Citations must be appealed within 10 calendar days of issuance of the ticket. Appeals turned in more than 10 days after issuance of the ticket will not be considered.

    2. Persons wishing to appeal a citation must first go to the OCU Police Department to obtain and complete an appeal form. (On the form they will be asked to plead either “not guilty” or “guilty.” A “not guilty” plea means they are disputing the officer’s claim that they violated parking regulations. A plea of “guilty” is an admission to having violated parking regulations because of extenuating circumstances.)

    3. The Faculty/Staff appeals committee is comprised of staff and/or faculty members that meets monthly to review appeals. Only written appeals will be considered.

              4.   The decisions of the appeals committee or student court are final and binding.

  1. Payment

    1. Students are not allowed to enroll or to pay tuition without first paying parking fines/fees charged to their account.

    2. All parking citations should be paid in person at the Student Account's Office, Suite 340 Clara Jones Administration

    3. Building

    4. Do not send cash in the U.S. or campus mail. The university will not be responsible for cash lost in the mail.

X.Special Event and Other Unusual Parking Needs

  1. Individuals or departments planning to conduct short courses, workshops, conferences, or special events to which persons from off-campus will be invited, should inform the OCU Police Department as soon as possible, preferably one (1) month in advance of the event, regarding the anticipated attendance, duration of the event, and special parking or traffic management requirements.

  2. Please contact the OCU Police Department for other regulations regarding special event parking.

  3. Students, faculty members, or staff may apply in advance for temporary parking permits for individuals or groups whom they invite to the campus. Sufficient advance notice should be given to the OCU Police Department [minimum of one (1) week] to make appropriate arrangements.

  4. From time to time parking areas may be barricaded, roped off, or otherwise marked as reserved for university guests. Students, Staff, and Faculty who disregard these barriers are subject to ticketing and / or impoundment of vehicles.

XI.Other Penalties

  1. Vehicles without a current OCU parking permit may be impounded or immobilized with wheel locks on the vehicle after three (3) citations.

  2. Students, faculty, and staff accruing more than five (5) tickets during any one (1) academic year may receive additional penalties which may include:

    1. Referral to appropriate campus authorities for disciplinary proceedings

    2. Additional fines

    3. Impoundment of the vehicle

    4. Loss of parking privileges

XII. Tobacco Free Policy

For the health of our students, faculty, staff, and anyone who visits our campus, no tobacco use of any kind is permitted--inside or outside of buildings--anywhere on the OCU campus, effective May 18th, 2008.

XIII. Littering

The university community takes pride in the beautifully landscaped campus. It is our hope that students faculty staff and visitors will individually share in this sense of pride and adhere to the “no littering” policy.

XIV. Campus I.D.

Students, faculty, and staff are required to be in possession of their OCU I.D. at all times when on campus. These must be presented to any OCU official upon request.

XV. Building Security

Building hours are posted on all campus buildings and are secured no later than midnight. Students remaining in buildings after posted hours unaccompanied by full time faculty or staff members are subject to being fined.

XVI. Safety Escorts

The OCU Police Department provides safety escorts on campus at anytime, and to certain local apartment complexes at scheduled intervals. The escort is provided at no charge. Contact the OCU Police Department for times and apartment locations.

XVII. Emergency Phones

Eighteen(18) outdoor blue emergency phones are located strategically around campus. Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to use these phones to report crimes, request escorts, or any other emergency services.

For Additional Information:

Oklahoma City University Police Department
Non-Emergency: (405) 208.5001
Fax: (405) 208.6039
Email: ocupd@okcu.edu