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Violent Crimes Registrants

The “Mary Rippey Violent Crime Offenders Registration Act,” requires that persons convicted of specified violent crimes be required to register with the Department of Corrections or local law enforcement, depending upon status, for a period of 10 years after completion of suspended sentence or term of incarceration. Requires notice of address changes, employment, and school enrollment.

Oklahoma H 1853

Registration under this act is accompanied by record of fingerprint and DNA, photograph and other information. The DOC is required to conduct annual address verification; and to notify the local district attorney and law enforcement authority if unable to verify an address. Requires designation of “habitual violent crime offender” for persons with two or more qualifying offenses, and requires lifetime registration of these offenders.

Violent criminal registry information is made available to state, county and municipal law enforcement; and law enforcement is to provide the information, at cost, to the public as allowed under Oklahoma Open Records Act. Directs local law enforcement to notify persons deemed appropriate (family, prior victims, residential neighbors, churches, schools, businesses, and the like) of description and habits of the offender; and to provide such notice to any person upon request. Requires correctional and court personnel to provide notice of duty to register.

Current Violent Crime Offender Registrants

No Violent Crime Offenders are currently registered with Oklahoma City University Police Department

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