Political Science  
What Can I Do with a Political Science Major?

Law School: This is an increasingly popular career track for students with a Political Science major. An advanced degree in law offers students a wide variety of specializations, the opportunity for a good paying career, and the satisfaction of being involved in public service. We have a track which we specifically recommend for Political Science majors who are considering law school.

Advanced Degree in Political Science: There are opportunities for those who wish to pursue a masters or doctorate in Political Science. Those who go on for a doctorate typically are interested in teaching or research at the university level. There are also specialized professional masters programs which can lead to an emphasis in public administration, public policy analysis, international relations, and political campaign management.

Business Sector: Many Political Science majors do go on to distinguished careers in the business world. Political Science generally offers a good background or preparation for either graduate study in business or jobs related to international business and trade.

Public Administration, Public Affairs, Domestic or International: Majors can either look for an advanced degree in some of the subfields listed above or can pursue jobs in governmental agencies, professional or interest group organizations, government relations divisions of corporations, consulting and marketing, or jobs in the expanding sector of NGOs.

Teaching: Many graduates find careers within primary and secondary teaching areas related to Social Studies.

Journalism: A Political Science degree can give the student the background or expertise to succeed as a journalist. Courses tend to be writing intensive and build the kind of analytical expertise a reporter would need.

These are just some of the general sectors noted in "An Ideal Liberal Art Major: Political Science," a document which is published by the American Political Science Association. This booklet is available from the OCU Department of Political Science, and also contains much more specific descriptions of careers in Political Science. We would also be glad to visit with you about what some of our graduates are achieving in their communities today. For students interested in a liberal arts education, the field of Political Science offers a wide variety of opportunities.