Political Science  
Student Testimonials

“OCU was a place that I felt bent over backwards to help me do what I wanted to do. Not only did the professors help accommodate a busy schedule complicated by Rowing and ROTC, but they also allowed me the leeway to research what I wanted to research, they helped me to pursue the subjects that I wanted to pursue. Every one of the professors, both in and out of your department, are genuinely invested in your success; help is never further than an e-mail, phone call, or in some cases, text message away. That is what makes the OCU experience both memorable and valuable.”

Chris Morrow
Class of 2009

“The Political Science department at OCU plays to a students strengths, highlighting and nurturing any exceptional characteristic a student may have. Through a relatable class size, whether an exceptional writer or brilliant public speaker, academic advisors and professors in general help students become even better at their talents and help students reach heights not even they knew they could attain. Esteemed professors and advisors are not only focused about the present. They are also highly concerned about the future, helping students open doors in many areas of employment and education they may not have otherwise known about.

Many people look at a degree in political science as a one track field to law school, but a degree in political science can enlighten or foster a passion students may have for state and local politics, public policy, criminal justice or law enforcement. While the Political Science department at OCU aids many students in gaining acceptance into prestigious law schools, it is not the primary goal. While beginning my academic career at OCU, I was dead set on one-way track to law school, but with the Political Science department broadening my overall view of politics and leadership, I realize there is a lot more out there for me. The political science department at OCU has opened my eyes to not only U.S. politics, but issues around the world, and with a political science degree, I find that I am not limited in my employment or education selection, I can do almost anything.

Curriculum in the program forces you to analyze and become a more conscientious participant in the classroom, not just a body in a seat. While the areas of study are rigorous, the content allows the student to become engaged and focused, developing the difficult ideas and concepts from impossible to comprehend, into a real-life cable political news show where students can debate and push through the highly developed curriculum with ease and confidence.”

Jonah Vasquez
Class of 2009

"The Political Science department uniquely shaped my undergraduate experience at Oklahoma City University. The faculty members were directly engaged in the learning process and genuinely interested in the success of their students. My classmates were undoubtedly among the most talented students at OCU and continually held leadership positions across the campus. The pre-law program, through internships and mock trial competitions, created a strong foundation for my future success as a law student at Georgetown University. Simply put: the Political Science department at OCU gives you the tools to excel like nowhere else I have seen."

Zachary Lee Newland