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Master of Religious Education

Master of Religious Education Degree Requirements (44 Credit Hours)

The Masters of Religious Education (MRE) is a professional degree for those who want to prepare for service in the church as a director of Christian education, program ministries, youth or children’s ministries, and other ministries related to religious education.  It also serves those who wish to strengthen their skills and knowledge in religious education through the study of major sources of biblical, theological, historical, ethical and cultural studies and integrating those studies into the ministry of education.  Persons from any denominational background are welcome in the program.  The degree meets the requirements of the United Methodist Church for certification in Christian Education or Youth Ministry, and provides the basic graduate theological studies for Deacon Orders in the United Methodist Church.

Foundational Courses: 21 Credit Hours (Taken through Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University)

HBS-301 Intro to the Hebrew Bible3
NTS-301 Intro to the New Testament  3
THL-301 Intro to Systematic Theology     3
HST-301 Intro to Christian Traditions I    3 or
HST-302 Intro to Christian Traditions II   3
CHS-330 Mission of the Church in the Contemporary World3 or
EVN-312 Theologies and Models of Evangelism3 or
EVN-348 Evangelism in a Pluralistic Society3
WOR-411 Intro to Worship, Baptism and Conversion  3 or
WOR-412 Intro to Worship, Dining in the Kingdom 3


Christian Education Courses: 23 Credit Hours (Taken through Oklahoma City University)

5603- Nature and Work of Christian Education
5633- The Bible in Christian Education 3
5643- Relating Theology to Christian Education3
5653- Administration and Leadership3
Choose 2 of the Following Age Level Ministries:6
5703- Ministry with Children and Families 
5713- Ministry with Youth 
5723- Ministry with Adults 
5981- Internship2


Elective: 3 Credit Hours (Taken through OCU):

5313 – United Methodist Doctrine and Polity*3  
5703 or 5713 or 5723 if not taken as a requirement above3
5733 - Adolescent World  3
5833 - Seminar in New Testament    3
5843 - Seminar in Hebrew Bible3

* Required for United Methodist Certification in Religious Education. For United Methodist Deacon’s Ordination United Methodist Studies courses are required to be taken through Saint Paul.

A 3.0 undergraduate grade point average is required for admission. Entering students should have significant work in the humanities and social sciences. Courses completed in pursuit of a graduate degree already received will not be allowed as credit for another graduate degree.

Students must maintain a minimum B (3.0) grade average per semester. A course with a grade below "C" cannot be used as part of the minimum number of semester credit hours required for the degree. At least a "B" (3.0) grade average on the OCU scale is required for graduation.