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Students who wish to add a minor in the School of Religion must apply with the director of the School of Religion.  A Religion minor must have a 2.5 GPA and take at least nine hours of their religion courses at Oklahoma City University.  The School of Religion offers three minors: Religion, World Religions and Christian Education.

Minor in Religion

In addition to courses taken in the general education curriculum, students with a minor in Religion will take a minimum of 18 hours in the Wimberly School of Religion.  At least nine hours must be taken at the 3000-4000 level.  The courses will be from at least three of the following areas: Biblical Studies, History of Christianity, Theology, Religion, Ethics and Culture, and World Religions.

Minor in Interfaith Studies

Please click here for more information on the minor in Interfaith Studies.

Minor in Religious Education - With an emphasis in either Youth Ministry or Christian Education

All Students will be required to take the following courses:

REL 1003 Introduction to Biblical Literature
REL 2023 Methods of Biblical Analysis
REL 3813 Nature and Work of Christian Education
REL 4603 Leadership in Christian Education

Students who choose to specialize in either Youth Ministry or Christian Education will pursue one course in each grouping depending upon their chosen emphasis.

REL 4633 The Bible in Christian Education**
REL 4643 The Bible in Youth Ministry*
REL 4653 Theology and Christian Education**
REL 4663 Theology in Youth Ministry*
REL 3913 Ministry with Youth*
REL 3933 Ministry with Children and Families** or
REL 3943 Ministry with Adults**

 **Classes required for emphasis in Christian Education

*Classes required for emphasis in Youth Ministry