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Student Success

The book has arrived! 

This is undergraduate research at its best! 

Hooray for OCU Wimberly School of Religion student researchers, NOW PUBLISHED:

  • Allison Bevers (Jean),
  • Kathryn Hirsch,
  • Leigh Smith, and 
  • Daniel Ethan Watt.

Bishop Scholars

Every year the Wimberly School of Religion has three Bishop Scholars, who go through an application and interview process. 

Current Bishop Scholars include:


John Vick

Laley Braucher


Jenny Johnson

Peyton Wagner


Ben Patterson

Melaina Riley

Joey Simpson


Morgan Mitchell


Rev. Kayla Bonewell, a 2002 graduate, is the pastor of Church of the Open Arms, United Church of Christ.

Rev. Trina Bose North, a 1998 graduate, is the pastor of Crown Heights United Methodist Church.

Keith Bethel, a 2013 graduate, is the youth minister at Choctaw UMC in Choctaw, Oklahoma

Joanna Chenoweth, a 2012 graduate, is the Recruitment Team Leas for Saint Paul School of Theology at their OCU campus.

Rev. Linda Harker, a 1993 graduate, serves as senior pastor at McFarlin UMC in Norman.