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Religion Major

Religion Major

To major in religion at the undergraduate level has meaning and value for anyone who wants to understand religion in its several dimensions. It is particularly useful for persons planning to enter the Christian ministry, Christian education or other church-related vocations, or pursue graduate work in religion. Studies in the major field, along with courses in English, history, philosophy, the social sciences, and various electives will give the student an excellent background for entrance into a theological seminary or for various service opportunities in the church and society.

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Religion (B.A.) Major Requirements

Credit Hours: 33

At least one upper-division course (3000–4000) must be completed in each area: biblical studies; history of Christianity; and religion, ethics, and culture. A minimum of 21 hours must be taken at the 3000-4000 level in the School of Religion.


A. Required (3)

REL 2023 - Methods of Biblical Analysis
REL 4893 - Senior Paper

B. Biblical Studies (3)

REL 3103 - Psalms and Wisdom Literature
REL 3203 - Prophetic Literature
REL 3303 - Gospels and Acts
REL 3403 - Pauline Letters
REL 4143 - Seminar in Hebrew Bible

C. Biblical Languages

REL 2003 and REL 2013 - Introduction to New Testament Greek
REL 3603 - Reading in New Testament Greek
REL 2133 and REL 2143 - Biblical Hebrew


REL 2503 - Religion in American History
REL 3013 - History of Christianity (Ancient-Medieval)
REL 3113 - History or Christianity (Reformation-Modern)
REL 3223 - History of Christian Spirituality
REL 4153 - Seminar in History of Christianity


REL 2043 - Questions of Faith
REL 2103 - Introduction to Judaism
REL 2203 - Modern Jewish Thought
REL 3423 - Contemporary Theology
REL 4163 - Seminar in Philosophy and Theology


REL 2033 - Introduction to Religion
REL 2163 - Moral Issues in Contemporary Culture
REL 2213 - Introduction to Moral and Social Philosophy
REL 2313 - Philosophy of Culture
REL 2413 - Philosophy of Religion
REL 2513 - Introduction to World Religions
REL 2603 - Religion and the Arts
REL 2703 - Introduction to Christian Ethics
REL 2813 - The Jewish Experience in America
REL 3313 - Religion in Contemporary America
REL 3613 - Problems and Issues in Christian Ethics
REL 4103 - Seminar in Religion and Culture


REL 3813 - Nature and Work of Christian Education
REL 3913 - Ministry to Youth
REL 4603 - Leadership in Christian Education
REL 4633 - The Bible in Christian Education


REL 2823 - Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
REL 2903 - Literature and the Judeo-Christian Tradition
REL 3991-3 - Seminar in Religion
REL 4453 - Directed Research
REL 4991-6 - Independent Study


REL 4981 - Internship in Religion
(Junior or senior standing. May be taken for up to two credits. Taken on a credit/no-credit basis.)

Additional electives outside the major must be taken to reach a total of 124 hours.