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Oikos Scholars Testimonials

“I think the biggest benefit I have gotten from Oikos is the subject matter of the program. We’re in college to grow, learn and experience, and the professors who teach the Oikos courses are amazing. I volunteered with the United Nations Association through the Oikos program and landed a spot on the board of directors. After college, I want to work with the United Nations and do conflict resolution. Oikos has led me to a lot of opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise."
—DeEtta, Political Science and Spanish Junior

“I’ve always been interested in making a positive impact on a global scale, and Oikos not only emphasizes the environment, but also positive cultural changes we can make. I enjoy the hands-on service learning. I worked with a team that volunteered every Saturday Night at Skyline Urban Ministries. We were interacting with the disenfranchised and impoverished, and it felt good to make a direct impact instead of just raising money.”
—Amanda, Entertainment Business Sophomore