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The Religion/Philosophy major is designed primarily for students who want to undertake ethical and religious studies within a rigorous philosophical and theological context in preparation either for advanced academic study in philosophy or religion or for professional training for the ordained ministry.

The core requirements in the History of Philosophy (PHIL 3114, 3214, and 3314), the History of the Christian Church (3103 or 3113) and Contemporary Theology (REL 3423) are intended to provide students with systematic grounding in the major philosophical and theological resources of Western philosophy and the Jewish and Christian traditions. Students may then select one of four areas of emphasis (philosophical theology, ethics, religion-philosophy and culture or biblical studies) for more concentrated study.

Religion/Philosophy (B.A.) Major Requirements

Credit Hours: 39

1. History of Philosophy I-III (12)

PHIL 3114 - History of Philosophy I
PHIL 3214 - History of Philosophy II
PHIL 3314 - History of Philosophy III

2. History of Christianity (3)

REL 3013 - History of Christianity (Ancient-Medieval) or
REL 3113 - History of Christianity (Reformation-Modern)

3. Theology (3)

REL 3423 - Contemporary Theology

4. Senior Thesis (3)

REL/PHIL 4893 - Senior Thesis

Area of Emphasis (select one)


REL/PHIL2413 - Philosophy of Religion
REL/PHIL4163 - Seminar in Philosophy and Theology
REL/PHIL4453 - Directed Readings

1. Moral Philosophy (3)

PHIL 2213 - Moral and Social Philosophy or
PHIL 2613 - Political Philosophy

2. Christian Ethics (6)

REL 2703 - Introduction to Christian Ethics
REL 3613 - Problems and Issues in Christian Ethics


PHIL 2313 - Philosophy of Culture
REL 3313 - Religion in Contemporary America
REL 4103 - Seminar in Religion and Culture 


REL 2023 - Methods of Biblical Analysis (3)
Two of the following six:

REL 3103 - Psalms and Wisdom Literature
REL 3203 - Prophetic Literature
REL 3303 - Gospels and Acts
REL 3403 - Pauline Letters
REL 4143 - Seminar in Hebrew Bible
REL 3993 - Seminar in Religion (New Testament topic)

V. Elective Courses in Philosophy and/or Religion (6)

Additional courses outside of the major must be taken to equal a total of 124 hours