Wimberly School of Religion  
The Social & Ecological Responsibility Initiative at OCU

The Social and Ecological Responsibility Initiative aspires to become an international model for liberal arts education that cultivates personal, social, and ecological responsibility, educating students and the wider community to address systemically the social and ecological challenges of the 21st Century.

The Initiative promotes collaboration in educational and service projects by providing a forum and platform through which the various centers, programs, departments, and activities might find points of synergy and collaboration while maintaining their current autonomy and mission.

Two OCU students ride in the back of a pickup truck.

A Saturday visit to Turtle Rock Farm.

An OCU student stands on a walking path with a rock canyon behind him.

Ryan helped with an agriculture project in Jordan.

An OCU student smiles next to two South African students.

Chelsea taught in South Africa.

An OCU students stands in front of a brightly decorated wall in Paris.

Colin studied in Paris.