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Youth Ministry

The major in youth ministry is useful for students planning careers as directors or ministers with youth or planning to enter other forms of Christian ministry, such as Christian education or the pastorate.

The spiritual formation of youth as Christian disciples requires students who would serve as youth workers to be grounded in the biblical and theological understandings of the faith and be knowledgeable about the development of young people. Mature interaction with youth requires far more than the ability to present interesting programs.

Studies in the major field, along with courses in English, history, philosophy, the social sciences, and various electives, will give the student an excellent background for entrance into a theological seminary or for various service opportunities in the church and society.

Youth Ministry (B.A.) Major Requirements

In addition to other courses in the General Education curriculum, all youth ministry majors will take the following:

First Semester: (3)
REL 2513 - Introduction to World Religions

Second Semester: (3)
REL 1003 - Introduction to Biblical Literature

Major Requirements Credit Hours: (41)
At least one upper-division course (3000-4000) must be completed in each of the following areas: biblical studies, history of Christianity, and theology. A minimum of 24 hours must be taken at the 3000-4000 level in the School of Religion.

Required courses: 35 hours

REL 2023 – Methods of Biblical Analysis
REL 3233 – United Methodist Studies
REL 4873 – Senior Paper/Project in Youth Ministry
REL 3813 – Nature and Work of Christian Education
REL 3913 – Ministry with Youth
REL 3923 - Adolescent World
REL 4603 - Leadership in Christian Education
REL 4643 – The Bible in Youth Ministry
REL 4663 - Theology and Youth Ministry
REL 3933 – Ministry with Children and Families or
REL 3943 – Ministry with Adult 

Biblical Studies: (3)

(At least one 3000 to 4000 level course from the following) 

REL 3103 Psalms and Wisdom Literature
REL 3203 Prophetic Literature
REL 3303 Gospels and Acts
REL 3403 Seminar in Hebrew Bible
REL 4981 ** Internship in Religion (Two Semesters)

History of Christianity: (3)

(At least one 3000 to 4000 level course from the following)                      

REL 3013 - History of Christianity (Ancient-Medieval)
REL 3113 - History or Christianity (Reformation-Modern)
REL 3223 - History of Christian Spirituality
REL 4153 - Seminar in History of Christianity

Recommended Courses Outside Major

SOC 2113 – The American Family
SOC 3413 – Sociology of Urban Life
PSYC 3464 – Topics in Psychology: Psychology of Adolescents
SOC 4103 – Sociology of Modern Music: The Role of Rock
JUS 4203 – Victimology
JUS 4513 – Juvenile Delinquency

*Required of all United Methodist majors. Other denominations may substitute an elective from Biblical Studies, History of Christianity, or Theology.

**Junior or Senior standing required.  Taken on a credit/no credit basis.  Should be taken in a two-semester sequence during one academic year.

Additional electives outside the major must be taken to reach a total of 124 hours.