Religious Life & Church Relations  
Baptist Collegiate Ministries

The BCM building is located on the corner of 23rd Street and Kentucky.

Weekly events include:

Monday -7:00-8:30 International Culture Night

Tuesdays - 9-11 am Conversational English Class for Beginners 

Tuesdays - 7-8:30 pm Conversational Café

Wednesday - 7-8:15 am Advanced English class 

Wednesday - 6-8 pm Community groups

Thursday - 12:30 pm FREE Lunch @ the BCM building 

Thursday - 8 pm Paradigm worship & Bible study  

For more information about events and the BCM contact the BCM director Shane Kammerer.

PHONE: 940.368.8581


ADDRESS: 2407 N. Kentucky Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73106