Research & Data Analysis  
The Bachelor of Science in Research and Data Analysis

The Research and Data Analysis program combines courses from several disciplines to create a focused, intensive program that prepares students for careers or further education in public health, economics, institutional and market research, and other fields that require skills in applied mathematics and statistics, critical analysis of data, and synthesis of information and numerical data. All concentrations in the program require substantial core coursework that provides students with the fundamentals of mathematical and analytical skills, as well as a foundation in basic research methodology in several disciplines. Each of the concentrations then builds on this core to provide students with more specific preparation in particular disciplines that incorporate a strong data analysis component, such as applied mathematics, economics, social sciences, and biomedical sciences.

Administrative Unit
The Dean’s Office in the Petree College of Arts & Sciences provides administrative oversight and serves as the home base for the program. A steering committee comprised of representatives from each participating academic unit and program provides oversight and input regarding routine program monitoring and activities, and has responsibility for developing and administering the program assessment plan.

Assessment Responsibilities
Assessment plans will be developed and implemented by the collaborating academic units in consultation with the steering committee.