Residence Life  
Camps & Conferences: Accommodations

The Department of Housing offers housing accommodations for your groups. Students will have their own individual room keys and card entry to Housing Facilities to come and go as needed, but visitors must be signed in and out, or listed with the RA’s, Head Residents for security & safety. All rooms have central heat and air.


    Camps & Conferences Price Sheet
(Methodist Hall & Cokesbury Court)
# of Campers Occupancy Cost per person per night
<  than100 Double & Quad $25.00
100-200 Double & Quad $20.00
250 or > Double & Quad $20.00
< than 100 Single $28.00
100-150 Single $25.00
250  or > Single $20.00
    Camps & Conferences
    Price Sheet (Walker, Banning, Smith & Draper Halls)
# of Campers   Cost per person per night
< 100   $20.00
100-200   $20.00
250 or >   $20.00
Notes: < less than   
  >  more than  
Our Camps and Conferences Housing gives you the convenience of living on campus, close to your program site. Campus life will provide all the necessities and all the added extras that make your event fun and successful. Thank you for your interest in Camps and Conference Housing!
Cokesbury Apartments:Cokesbury Image 
* All apartments are furnished
* One-bedroom units with single or double occupancy
* Laundry facilities in the clubhouse
* Private parking
* Cable TV
* Local Telephone
* High-speed internet
* Private kitchen
Methodist Hall: (265 beds)
* Movie Theater (15-20 seats)
* Web Intelligence Laundry Facility (email or text message students when laundry is ready)
* Assigned covered parking space
* Interior courtyard
* Patio/Balcony in every apartment
* Student Lounge Areas
* Terrace
* Kitchenette (Microwave, Refrigerator)
* Ceiling Fans (Living and Bedrooms)  
Walker Hall (Female hall): Room Dimensions(224 beds)
* Main lobby with a big screen TV
* Vending machines
* Microwave
* Study area if needed
* Computer each floor
* Laundry facilities
* Ice machine
* Practice dance floor
* Music practice rooms
* Exercise equipment
* 2 pianos 
Smith Hall (Men’s hall):Room Dimensions (78 beds)
* Main lobby with a big screen TV
* Vending machines
* Microwave
* Ice machine
* Computers
* Laundry facilities
Draper Hall: Room Dimensions(90 beds)
* Main lobby with a big screen TV
* Pool table
* Vending machines
* Microwave
* Table games
* Laundry facilities
* Exercise equipment
Camps and Conferences Coordinator, 208-5102
Oubon Sychareune
Administrative Assistant III for University Housing, 208-6363
Liz Harney
Assistant Director of University Housing, 208-6363
Jeri Jones
Administrative Assistant II for University Housing, 208-6363
Kevin Culbertson
Assistant to Camps and Conferences Coordinator