Sociology & Criminal Justice  
Sociology Course Requirements

Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology

In addition to the general education requirements, students who major in Sociology must complete 40 credit hours in Sociology. Of the 40 hours, 28 are core or required courses and 12 credit hours are core electives.

CORE COURSES (The following are required courses): Credits

SOC 2013 Introduction to Sociology 3

SOC 2303 Introduction to Social Science Research 3

SOC 2313 Social Problems 3

PSYC 2303 Stats for Behavioral Sciences

PSYC 2301 Stats for Behavioral Sciences Lab

SOC 3313 Constructing Social Identities 3

SOC 3203 Social Deviance 3

SOC 4803 Senior Serminar 3

Total Core Courses: 28

Students must take 15 hours of core electives which can be general sociology courses, or within one of the two areas of concentration (Sociology of Culture or Gender and Family). Core electives must be 3000 level or above and approved by the departmental chair.


SOC 2113 The American Family 3

SOC 4313 Criminology 3

SOC 4113 Restorative Justice 3

SOC 3953 Gender, Violence, and Society  3

SOC 3403 Race: Ethnicity in America

SOC 3413 Aging in American Society

SOC 3603 Environmental Sociology

SOC 4413 Gangs & Social Violence

SOC 4083 Social Internship Experience 3

SOC 4013 Social Stratification 3

SOC 4603 Special Topics* 3

Minor in Sociology

The following courses are required to earn a Minor in Sociology. 

SOC 2013 Introduction to Sociology 3

SOC 2023 Introduction to Social Science Research 3

SOC 3203 Social Deviance 3

3000-4000 level electives  - 12 hours

Total Hours for Sociology Minor: 21