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The words "Health Insurance" hang from a parachute, for some reason.Student Health Insurance is important. 

Maintaining adequate health insurance coverage will prevent severe financial hardships should unforeseen major medical care be required. In compliance with the Affordable Care Act, Oklahoma City University (OCU) now requires that all students maintain student health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment. The insurance fee for the Oklahoma City University SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) is automatically billed to your student account each semester. OCU wants to make sure each student has the appropriate health insurance coverage so that an unexpected illness or accident doesn't hinder your wellness or academic success. 

What is the OCU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) ?

OCU has a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) administered by Academic Health Plans (AHP). The policy offers up to $100,000 of coverage per plan year. Students on the SHIP pay a $500 deductible per policy year, then AHP will cover 80% of a covered injury or illness. Deductible and co-insurance (20%) are waived for services at the Campus Health Clinic. 

For the schedule of benefits, limitations, exclusions, and dates, visit AHP's website at International Students do not enroll in the SHIP - enrollment is automatic when you enroll for classes at OCU.

There are 2 ways for students to enroll - Students may opt in to the SHIP by not applying for a waiver and the bill for SHIP will remain on their student account. Students may also visit to print enrollment forms from the AHP website and remit payment directly to AHP.  For questions about the policy, contact OCU Campus Health by phone (405-208-5090) or confidential email (

What is the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Waiver?

For Domestic (U.S. Citizen) Students Only:

If you already have health insurance coverage that meets the University’s requirements, there is a SHIP waiver available, which will allow you to waive the University’s SHIP and maintain your current insurance coverage. 

Detailed instructions describing how to apply for the SHIP waiver can be found here. You will need an electronic copy of your insurance card (front and back) when applying for the waiver. 

The deadlines to submit the SHIP Waiver are as follows:




Spring 2015



Spring 2015



Spring 2015



Spring 2015



Spring 2015



Spring 2015



If proof of alternate coverage is provided, the university coverage may be waived.  Once you are enrolled and the waiver deadlines have passed, the coverage cannot be cancelled for any reason. 

If you applied for an OCU SHIP waiver and your waiver was denied, you may appeal the decision.  Please review the Appeal of Waiver Instructions, fill out the Waiver Denial Appeal Form and submit per instructions.

If you have a qualifying event and need to cancel the waiver during the semester, please contact Auxiliary Services at (405) 208-5152 or

For questions about billing, contact Student Account Services at (405) 208-5146. For questions about what health services the insurance covers, please contact the Office of Student Health at (405) 208-5090. For all other questions, please contact Auxiliary Services at (405) 208-5152 or at

Health Insurance Tips

  • Show your health insurance ID card to all healthcare providers before seeking treatment. This means you need to carry your health insurance card with you at all times.
  • Students on the SHIP:
    • Must use the Campus Health Center for all non-emergency illness or injuries before seeking treatment elsewhere. Most injuries and illnesses can be fully addressed at the Campus Health Center at no cost to the student.
    • If you receive any bills or letters about medical care or health insurance, bring them to the Campus Health Center immediately. Bills that have gone to a collection agency are the student's responsibility.

International Students on OPT after Graduation: Information about health insurance options.