A panorama of the OCU campus

American Indian Scholarship Program

The American Indian Scholarship program strives to maintain a student population that reflects the diverse community we serve.

The Native students greatly benefit from the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, which they participate in annually. The Oklahoma Indian Mission Conference (OIMC), comprised of 89 United Methodist churches in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, represents the largest concentration of Native American United Methodists in the United States. The historic Indian Missionary Conference was started by Cherokee, Creek and Choctaw tribes in 1844 and continues today.

The OIMC ministers to the needs of approximately 6,000 Native people, with 84 churches, several of these congregations being over 100 years old, five fellowships and a church and community center.  Ministry initiatives include: Children, Youth and Adult ministries; Local Church Revitalization; Conference and District wide training events; Continuing Education Events for pastors; UM Women and UM Men; building and church extension. Efforts are also being made to preserve Native languages, traditions and songs.