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Devon Scholars Program

List of all current scholars

Program Requirements:
Devon scholars selected from the Clara Luper Scholarship program at Oklahoma City University participate in activities that serve their personal development, reflect the good works of Mrs. Luper and forward the mission of Oklahoma City University. These students have been hand picked by Devon Energy administrators as a result of their academic performance and career focus. This select group of students will have opportunities to interact with top personnel at Devon. The Devon Energy scholars Program provides students with the following components.

  1. Opportunities for social interaction with Devon administrators and staff.
  2. Leadership development opportunities with committed Devon Mentors.
  3. Internship opportunities (juniors only).


  • Provide social programming that allows students opportunities to visit with Devon personnel.
  • Provide an atmosphere that makes these students feel special about their selection.
  • Provide students with a broad perspective about the atmosphere and internal functions of Devon Energy.
  • Make every effort to expose students to all aspects of the company relating to their career choice.
  • Remain flexible in understanding the nature of college students and their career changes as a result of the education process.


  • Provide an annual dinner that allows Devon, Oklahoma City personnel, scholars and their parents an opportunity to meet each other and understand the significance of program as a part of their educational process.
  • Provide a social activity during the year that includes mentors and their students.
  • Deliver materials and information that clearly states program objectives.
  • Provide ongoing assessment that allows program flexibility.
  • Provide a personalized, welcoming atmosphere that promotes open communication.
  • Implement team building exercises that allow the student and their mentor to enhance their relationship.
  • Remain open and flexible to adjust mentors as needed to ensure the highest level of comfort and satisfaction by both the student and the mentor.
  • Provide opportunities for each student to involve himself/herself as much or as little as possible.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge about Devon energy.
  • Assign tasks and support that provide the student with hands on learning experiences.
  • Provide opportunities for each student’s to observe business meetings, training and other related daily operations.
  • Allow time for the student and the mentor to engage in dialogue following daily operational functions to support the student’s development.
  • Discuss career opportunities within Devon as they are related to the student’s major.
  • Provide open and honest feedback regarding career implications that may arise as a result of the student changing his or her major.
  • Be willing to adjust approach to career mentoring with regard to the student’s academic choices.