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Hispanic Student Association

Hispanic Student Association (HSA) at Oklahoma City University was established as an effort to address the need for representation, understanding, and appreciation of the Hispanic culture, people and language on campus. HSA's mission is to secure representation and status of Hispanics on campus, to educate the university community about issues of importance to Hispanic people, to facilitate interaction between people of all cultures, to provide academic, social, and philanthropic activities with the goal of breaking down cultural barriers, while creating friendship and understanding. Every year the HSA puts on their annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference (LYLC). This conference is targeted to Lation youth leaders and shows them the many ways to get into college.

Latino Youth Leadership Conference

Latino Youth Leadership Conference

OCU’s Hispanic Student Association hosts the Latino Youth Leadership Conference. It is our mission to provide a forum for future leaders of the Hispanic community to come together in a comfortable, open environment to educate, discuss, motivate, and build today’s leaders. It is our goal that the conference will inform and provide the opportunity for young Latino leaders to:

  • Understand the current state of Latinos in the U.S.
  • Realize what their role is in being an active leader in their community
  • Develop a network with other Latino leaders in Oklahoma
  • Receive valuable information about the college process and scholarship opportunities

It is our intent that this conference will create interest among senior student leaders from the Latino community in your high school, and continue to develop into a strong network of young leaders on local university campuses. We anticipate the conference to be informative and beneficial to all participants.