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About Us

The Military Affinity Group (MAG) was formed by military and veteran students with the desire to assist other veterans in their educational endeavors. We have established six primary goals that form the foundation of our organization so that our service will allow us to be Stars at OCU. 

Goal 1: To be in a position to provide information assistance to current military members who would be prospective students, current students, and faculty/staff. This portal is to serve as a one-stop shopping conduit in which to funnel specific information to serve the unique and diverse military student population. This office would expand as the targeted demographic of veterans expands.

Goal 2: To be the voice of the veteran students on campus.

Goal 3: To raise awareness on campus and in the local community regarding the challenges facing our veteran students at OCU.

Goal 4: To strengthen the bond of OCU with the outside agencies that provide services to our veteran students and to identify possible new relationships that may exist and to foster those relationships.

Goal 5: To conduct community service and outreach activities related to the purpose, mission, and beliefs.

Goal 6: To further the diversity goals of OCU and establish OCU as a “Veteran Friendly School” by advocating for the unique needs of the military veteran students. 

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