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Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting

Click for more informationThe Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting at Oklahoma City University offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise in the field of screenwriting. This innovative low-residency program allows for students to participate in this exciting program while maintaining their current lives. This program provides the opportunity for students to work intensively with the support of established screenwriters and filmmakers on a variety of art forms, including short and feature-length films, episodic television, and mini-series. The 2-year low-residency screenwriting program will allow students to explore the intricacies of story structure and character development. Students will work closely with faculty mentors to create a successfully written screenplay using dialogue, vision, and imagination to create a written story that can be turned into a moving image.

Students will enroll in three to four distance-learning courses led by OCU faculty each academic term for four terms. This coursework will be augmented by five required residencies. Each residency will be a ten to fourteen day intensive experience organized by the Dept. of Moving Image Arts. The first three residencies will take place on the OCU campus in Oklahoma City, one at the end of each term. These residencies will focus on the application of studied coursework. The fourth residency will take place in Los Angeles and focus on professional development. Finally, a fifth residency hosted at OCU will offer each student an opportunity to present and defend his or her thesis.


60 Credit Hours

YEAR ONE: The Screenwriter’s Craft

Term 1

ENG  5053   Fiction: Form and Technique

MIAP 5163  Style and Narrative

MIAP 5133  Great Films

MIAP 6133  OCU Residency (January)

Term 2

MIAP 5033    Narrative Forms: Episodic, Theatrical, Non-Fiction

MIAP 5233    Genre Theory & Practice

MIAP 5323    Writing the Short Screenplay

MIAP 6233    OCU Residency (May)

YEAR TWO: The Screenwriter’s Practice

Term 3

MIAP 5423   Advanced Screenwriting

PHIL  5513   Ethics of Communication

MIAP 6633   Thesis I

MIAP 6333   OCU Residency (January)

Term 4

MIAP 6523       Adaptation

3-hour Elective

3-hour Elective

MIAP 6633       Thesis II

MIAP 6433        LA Residency: Professional Development (May)


MIAP 6539   OCU Residency: Thesis Residency   (July)

Reading/ Defense Presentation/Evaluation 

Admission Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Brief statement regarding interest in the program
  • Resume
  • Creative Portfolio
  • Two letters of recommendation

Qualified applicants will be invited to interview with the department and faculty mentors.

Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions to facilitate your application to this program. Call (405) 208-5351 or email