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2014 Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge 2014

Congratulations to all employees who were on the 2014 OCU Corporate Challenge team and contributed to OCU's great rookie season showing!



Executive Relay



Craig Knutson, Joey Croslin, Kent Buchanan, Kevin Windholz

Women’s Relay



Amy McQuade, Blythe Benson, Jenni Allen, Jessica Wilson

Co-Ed Shuttle Relay



Evan Shough, Kelly Perry, Rod Jones, Jessica Wilson

Women’s Metric Mile

Jessica Wilson

3rd in age group

Heidi Puckett

4th in age group

Mary Benner

1st in age group




Greg Kersgieter, Heidi Osborn, Kelly Perry, Kyle Steele, Liza Dickson, Amanda Dills, Shawna Garcia

Home Run Derby


Rained Out

Trina Arnold, Tyler Fixley, Chris Day, Emily Dimmitt

Women's Freestyle Swimming

Men's Freestyle Swimming

Kat Herbison


Brian McQuade


Co-ed Swimming Relay



Leslie Hill, Craig Knutson, Kat Herbison, Brian McQuade

Women’s 55 Meter

Christen Marks

8th in age group

Heidi Puckett

6th in age group

Mary Benner

1st in age group

Mary Jenkins

1st in age group

Men’s 55 Meter

Josh Hall

8th in age group

Rod Jones

8th in age group

Co-ed Tug of War



Britt Vaughan, Chris Bentley, Jason Miller, Mary Benner, Meaghan Wheatley, Trina Arnold, Josh Hall, Heidi Osborn.

Obstacle Course



Amy McQuade, Emily Dimmitt, Craig Knutson, Chris Bentley

10K Run


Rained Out

Cary Pirrong, Amy McQuade

5K Run


Rained Out

Christen Marks, Heidi Puckett, Melissa Cory, Toni Bourlon, Lee Hall, Rod Jones, Mark Belcik, Steve Agee

5K Cycling Spring


Rained Out

Kat Herbison, Jim Guzak

1 Mile Walk


Rained Out

Carrie Sauer, Catherine Williamson, Cheryl Young, Christina Chapman, Debbie lane, Jan Stovall, Jo Heidebrecht, Kristen Burkholder, Laurie Schneider, Debbie Taber




Brian Cartwright, Debbie Taber, Josh Hall, Pam Boeck, Christen Marks, Britt Vaughn


Women's Basketball



Heidi Osborn, Leslie Berger, Kelly Perry, Sandy Pantlik, Blythe Benson, Joey Croslin


Kid's Fitness Challenge


         2 Complete

Laura Shough, Rachel Shough


Kids 10k


          Rained Out

Jack Allen


Event Volunteers


         3 out of 5

Angela Rutledge, Laurie Schneider, Emily Dimmitt


OCU finished 7th out of 11 teams competing in Division 4 with:  American Energy Partners, AAA, Williams-Sonoma, Human Restoration, G.E. Oil & Gas, Climate Master, SandRidge Energy, Love's Travel Stops, Continental Resources, and UCO.


To see the results for all divisions and teams, times, names and more, click here.



Corporate Challenge 2014