Weight Managment Tips
  1. An active adult should never consume less than 1200 to 1500 calories per day. A lack of caloric intake (energy) may result in poor performance. Starving the body of calories will only have a negative effect on a weight management program.
  2. Strength training while trying to lose weight will facilitate the maintenance or gain of lean body weight (muscle). A person should measure their weight loss success by the change in percentage (%) of body fat.
  3. Not everyone can be trim and lean. A person needs to accept the "genes" their parents dealt them. All the dieting in the world won't change a person's genetic make-up.
  4. Set realistic and attainable long-term weight management goals. However concentrate on short term goals to stay focused.
  5. Splurging does not equal failure. If as small children we all quit trying the first time they tried to walk and fell we would be a society of crawlers! Refresh, refocus, and begin making good choices again.
  6. Be patient! You don't gain excess body fat overnight so don't expect to lose it all in one week.
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