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Undergraduate Research (C.A.I.R.S.)


Creative Activity • Inquiry • Research • Scholarship

Studies suggests that undergraduate students engaging in these aspects of research tend to develop "soft skills" at a higher level than students who do not. These soft skills include critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to think holistically and across disciplines of study.

When the word "research" is mentioned often it conjures up images of test tubes and lab coats. While formal lab research is important, it is hardly the only important aspect of undergraduate research in the broader sense. Oklahoma City University embraces the concept of "Undergraduate Research" which includes activities inside and outside the classroom that you might not recognize as "research". Students engaged in creative activities are part of the research process, so are students working within a framework of inquiry-based learning. Lab or field experiments are more recognizable as research practices, and scholarship of writing takes into account both reporting of research findings or new perspectives on existing research. We invite you to learn more about these aspect of research and how new and current students can be involved!