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Summer 2020

All summer courses will be online. Please contact your academic advisor to enroll. If you have any questions, contact the registrar's office at or 405-208-5298, or email your advisor.

Tuition, Fees, and Scholarships

Summer 2020 Tuition: $953/credit hour

Scholarships are available for the general education courses listed on this page. Cost to students after the scholarship is applied is $350/credit hour. The University General Fee and course fees are applicable.

Summer 2020 Courses

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CRNCourseHoursTITLEStart DateEnd DateDaysStart TimeEnd TimeBuildingInstructor
11203 LAS106301 3 LAS: WHO SHAKESPEARE IS 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 MTWR 900 1150 ONLINE Marsh, Dana
11204 LAS106302 3 LAS: WHO SHAKESPEARE IS 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 MTWR 1300 1550 ONLINE Marsh, Dana
11220 LAS1063WB4 3 LAS:AMER POP MUS & SOC CHANGE 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 ONLINE Bentley, Christa
11225 LAS1063WB6 3 LAS:THE EPIDEMIC OF OBESITY 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 ONLINE Miller, Jason
11227ART1103WB3ART HISTORY: SURVEY II8-June-2030-Jul-20MWF12301320ONLINESt. Clare, Lisa
11151 MATH1503WB 3 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 MTW 1100 1200 ONLINE Tavakoli, Kourosh
11211 FREN1213WB 3 ELEMENTARY FRENCH II 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 ONLINE Nix, Melinda
11098 ENGL2603WB 3 WORLD LITERATURE 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 ONLINE Katzir, Brandon
11209 HIST1003WB 3 AMERICAN HISTORY TO 1876 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 ONLINE Starostina, Natalia
10077 SPAN1113WB 3 BEGINNING SPANISH I 18-May-20 23-Jun-20 MTWR 900 1030 ONLINE Hodkinson, Donna
10805 HIST1103WB1 3 UNITED STATES HIST SINCE 1876 25-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 ONLINE Starostina, Natalia
11224 REL2413WB 3 ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS 25-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 ONLINE Davies, Mark
11230 MATH1503WB2 3 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 25-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 ONLINE Tavakoli, Kourosh
10125 SPAN1213WB 3 BEGINNING SPANISH II 25-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 MTWR 900 1030 ONLINE Hodkinson, Donna
11097 PHIL2413WP 3 ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS 25-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 ONLINE Davies, Mark
10444 SCI1003WB3 3 METHODS OF SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY 25-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 ONLINE Mullen, Gregory
11213 CHIN1213WB 3 BEGINNING CHINESE II 25-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 TR 1000 1130 ONLINE Qi, Yanrong
11142 POLS1113WB1 3 GOVERNANCE IN AMERICA 25-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 ONLINE Daadaoui, Mohamed
10971 ECON2123WB 3 BUSINESS STATISTICS 8-Jun-20 30-Jul-20 ONLINE Shandiz, Mahmood

Other Summer Courses

Additional summer courses will also be available at the regular rate per credit hour.

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