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If you have an outstanding academic record, you may be eligible for a distinguished scholarship. In addition to success in academics, applicants should have successes in other areas during the academic careers. Substantial intellectual or creative projects, athletic achievement, leadership on campus or in the public sector, and strong, detailed letters of recommendation are essential to achieving these prestigious awards.

Winning national awards takes a concerted effort during the application process and as well a college career that leads a student to becoming a strong scholar and a good citizen. Advanced planning of your college career and your application process will greatly increase your prospects for winning these awards.

First-Year Students and Sophomores

We advise you to begin to lay the groundwork for success during your earliest years.

Begin by talking to your faculty advisors and Dr. Youmans about appropriate scholarships so that you know their requirements early on. You can plan to match your goals and interests with the goals and intents of the scholarships.

Get to know the professors in your department early; they will be able to offer you guidance along the way.

See the scholarship preparation list of activities and intellectual Pursuits that will help build your development as a leader and a scholar during your college career.