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Marshall Scholarship Program

British Marshall Scholarships provide two years of full funding for young Americans of outstanding ability to study for a degree in the United Kingdom at the university of student’s choice. Scholarships cover a minimum of two years and maximum of three.

The scholarship is open to students in all fields.

Students must demonstrate distinction of character and intellect. Preference is given to students who combine high academic ability with the capacity to play an active part in the life of the university they choose and who display the ability to make a significant contribution to their own society.


To qualify as a Marshall candidate students should

  1. be citizens of the U.S.,
  2. have a 3.9 grade point average,
  3. be a senior at the time of the fall application, and
  4. be under the age of 25.


  1. Interested applicants must notify this office by April 20, Dr. Karen Youmans,, 208-5680.
  2. By Sept. 1 submit the following to this scholarship office:
    1. a cover sheet with all contact information
    2. preliminary application materials (found online)
    3. a personal statement of accomplishments and honors received in college including scholarships, offices held, athletic activity, and service work
    4. transcripts
    5. a statement goals for your study.
  3. On-campus interviews and selection will be held by mid-September.
  4. If selected, applicants will have approximately two weeks to revise the materials they will submit to regional Marshall foundation.
  5. The regional application is submitted online.
  6. Regional interviews will take place in mid-November.

Visit the Marshall website

Also visit the British Council Website to search by subject and location for graduate programs in the UK.