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Morris K. Udall Scholarship

The Morris K. Udall Scholarships provide up to $5,000, or the cost of fees, books, room and board, whichever is less, to sophomores who have demonstrated a strong academic record of an outstanding potential for leadership. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of two groups of students: those who study the environment or a related field and those with Native American or native Alaskan backgrounds with an interest in health care or tribal policy.


A prospective candidate must

  1. be a US citizen,
  2. have a 3.5 or higher GPA,
  3. be an OCU student in the year you apply, and
  4. be studying the environment or a related field or be a Native American studying health or tribal law.


  1. Notify this office of your interest in application by Dec. 1, Dr. Karen Youmans,, 208-5680.
  2. Complete the application forms found on the Udall Foundation Website.
  3. Submit application materials and a 600 word essay discussing a significant legislative act, or public policy statement by Congressman Udall and its impact on the applicant’s field of interest and career goals to this office by Feb. 1. All application materials and essay description can be found on the Udall website.
  4. Three letters of recommendation are due to this office by Feb. 15.
  5. Udall deadline is early March.

Visit the Udall website: