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Study Abroad

Welcome to Study Abroad at OCU!

At Oklahoma City University, we strive to eradicate barriers and provide affordable, quality study abroad opportunities for all of our students. Studying abroad allows students, from different backgrounds, to explore different environments, perceptions, and traditions. This experience will open doors and allow students to gain global, educational, and cultural exchange competencies, firsthand.

Are you interested in studying abroad? We will help you find the right opportunities for you, whether that is a summer experience or a semester-long program. If you want to dive into studying abroad, please complete the interest form below or reach out to us via our OCU email at [email protected].

Say Yes to Study Abroad

At Oklahoma City University we believe studying abroad provides great opportunities to enhance your college education while living in another country. Whether in or beyond the classroom, studying abroad offers enriching academic and cultural experiences that simply can't be realized in an Oklahoma City classroom.

This site is a great place to start learning about your options and provides information on the types of programs offered and countries available to meet your academic and career goals. You’re also welcome to set up appointment to meet with a study abroad adviser to discuss which programs are best for you.

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[email protected]