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About Studying Abroad

It is normal to have lots of questions about the study abroad process. When should I go? Who do I talk to? How much will it cost? How do I even get started? This website is designed to answer those questions but we also want you to meet with someone in our office to get your process started. For an idea of where to begin, check out our example study abroad plan below.

Freshman Year
  • Mention your desire to study abroad to family and your advisor. Consider classes you'd like to save for abroad.
  • Attend the Study Abroad Fair and a study abroad info session in the Office of Global Engagement.
  • Join StarsConnect to meet international students, some of whom are from the countries and universities you may be considering for your study abroad program. Help them to acclimate to the U.S. and OKCU and know that they will do the same when you arrive in their country.
  • Apply for or renew your passport if needed (
  • Make an appointment to meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss what programs might be best for you. Some students may find that doing an internship abroad as a junior might be easier to obtain if they do an intensive language program abroad over a summer or for a semester during sophomore year.
  • Learn about scholarships that may apply to your programs/interests. Some scholarships have a deadline of a year or more prior to the start of a study abroad program, so planning early is key.
  • Save your money!
Sophomore Year
  • Meet with a study abroad advisor to further discuss program options considering academics, location, and cost.
  • Meet with your academic advisor and financial aid.
  • Continue to participate in StarsConnect and consider joining the International Student Association. Yes, they welcome domestic students.
  • Apply for your program and applicable scholarships.
  • Complete enrollments, attend pre-departure orientation, and apply for a visa if required.
  • If this is the year you choose to go abroad, enjoy your program.
Junior Year
  • If you didn't study abroad as a sophomore, now is the time to enjoy being abroad!
  • Share links to your blog and Twitter/Facebook info so our office can share all the great things you're doing abroad.
  • Upon your return, participate in returnee activities on campus and share your experience with other students.
  • In the late-spring or early summer, consider applying for an internationally focused graduate fellowship such as Fulbright or the Davies-Jackson scholarship.
Senior Year
  • Early in the semester, consider applying for an internationally focused graduate fellowship.
  • Consider applying to be a peer advisor in the study abroad office.
  • If you loved your time abroad, consider completing the TESOL certificate so that you will be well-qualified to teach abroad after graduation.