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Passport & Visa Information

In order to study abroad, you must have a valid passport that will not expire within six months after your return from studying abroad. If you are an American citizen and do not have a passport, please visit for directions on how to apply. For students with an international passport that needs to be renewed, visit the embassy website of your passport's origin for more information.

Many countries now require U.S. students to obtain a student visa prior to arriving in country. This requirement is nearly universal for students who study abroad for more than three months. Every country’s visa process differs and the requirements change frequently. For this reason, every student should determine if he or she must obtain a visa. To find out the procedures for your visa application, may visit the embassy's website for your host country. Links to the embassy websites can be found at


Visa requirements can be complicated and change frequently. For this reason, the Office of Global Engagement cannot offer assistance with obtaining a visa; however, we recommend that immediately upon acceptance to study abroad, and at least 12 weeks prior to departing the U.S., students investigate the visa requirements for their host country. To aid our students with this process, we have an agreement with Travisa, a visa assistance company, that students, faculty, and staff may elect to use to help them navigate the visa process. Travisa will charge for this service, but you will be aware of their fees before you decide if you want to use their services. And, in some cases, their assistance can save you from having to appear in person at the nearest consulate for your host country (often Houston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., or San Francisco. To research the requirements of your study abroad country, and to find out how Travisa can help you obtain your visa, click on this link, which is a dedicated account established to assist Oklahoma City University students and employees:

More information on passports, visas, and other study abroad information can be found at the following sites: