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Reciprocal Exchange Programs

Reciprocal exchange programs allow OCU students to pay OCU tuition and fees, but study at the foreign institution. Institutional scholarships and federal financial aid are applicable toward OCU tuition costs associated with reciprocal exchange programs, so this option is frequently attractive to students with significant OCU scholarships. Typically students must pay room and board to the host institution. 

Students must demonstrate high levels of independence and maturity to succeed in this type of program. Reciprocal exchange programs typically only offer full semester or academic year programs.

The universities we currently hold reciprocal agreements with are Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan and Ritzumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu, Japan; UCEL in Rosario, Argentina; and Alpen-Adria Universitat in Klagenfurt, Austria. Only UCEL requires a language proficiency as all courses there are taught in Spanish. Ritsumeikan and Alpen-Adria Universitat offer a wide array of courses taught in English in addition to providing opportunities for intensive language study.

ACADEMIC CREDIT: Students earn transfer credit from the reciprocal exchange university. Courses must be preapproved by the OCU advisor and filed with the director of academic services.