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Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Financial aid varies from student to student depending on the aid you receive and the study abroad program you chose. Below is information on the various types of aid and how they apply to different programs. However, we highly recommend meeting with an advisor in the Financial Aid Office to discuss your available aid before applying to a program. You can email Christopher Day in the Financial Aid Office at to set up an appointment. If you do not know what financial aid you currently have, visit your Bluelink account to obtain a current itemized bill.

Federal and State Aid

As long as a student is enrolled half-time (6 credit hours during a semester), federal and state aid can be applied to a study abroad program. This includes Parent Plus Loans, Stafford Loans, Pell Grants, and Oklahoma Promise. *If you receive a Pell Grant, you are eligible to apply for the Gilman Scholarship. Details about the Gilman Scholarship can be found here. **Using Pell Grant in the summer reduces the amount available for the remainder of the award year.

OCU Scholarships and Tuition Remission

In most cases OCU scholarships, discounts, and tuition remission cannot be used for study abroad programs. The exception is if you are studying on an Oklahoma City University reciprocal exchange program for a semester or academic year. In this situation you will be paying OCU tuition and will be able to utilize most scholarships and discounts from OCU. Students are encouraged to discuss their specific financial aid with their financial aid advisor to determine what aid can be used for studying abroad.

Outside Scholarships

If you receive scholarships from outside entities, it is up to the organization to determine if your scholarship can be used for a study abroad program. From our experience, it is common for outside scholarships to be approved for study abroad use as long as appropriate documentation is provided.

OCU Study Abroad Scholarships

Oklahoma City University does have scholarships specifically for study abroad through the Office of Global Engagement and through the Honors Program. Applications for these scholarships are due October 15 for spring programs, December 1 and February 15 for summer programs, and April 1 for fall programs. Please complete both the Study Abroad Scholarship Application and the Study Abroad Student Budget and email them to Diep Nguyen at by the deadlines posted above.

Program Scholarships

Depending on the program you select, you may also be eligible to apply for scholarships through your program. Please see the links below for Oklahoma City University’s partner programs and institutions.

National Scholarships

There are also a variety of national scholarships available for study abroad. Click here to reach a list of some of the national scholarships available for undergraduate students and here for graduate students. Additional resources to research scholarships are linked below.

Other Study Abroad Funding Search Engines