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OCU Study Abroad Scholarship

Oklahoma City University offers scholarships specifically for study abroad through the Study Abroad Office. A committee of faculty and staff reviews scholarships each semester and selects recipients based on the following factors:

  • Quality and completeness of the scholarship application
  • Program selection (location, duration, rigor, and cost)
  • Academic success at OCU
  • Underrepresented populations in study abroad nationally and at OCU
  • Demonstration of financial need


In order to apply for the OCU Study Abroad Scholarship, students must complete a two-part application: The Request for Funding and the Student Study Abroad Budget. Note: You will find a Student Study Abroad Budget with estimated costs for your program on the program's web page on this site. Completed forms should be sent via email to by the deadlines listed below. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. As a courtesy, submissions that have been received at least seven days prior to the appropriate deadline will be reviewed one time for completeness. Any additions or corrections to the application or budget must be received by the deadline.

Additional eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Good academic and judicial standing with the university
  • Full-time OCU student status
  • Completed Application to Study Abroad ( to an approved study abroad program.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring Study Abroad - October 15
  • January Term and Spring Break Programs - October 15
  • Summer Study Abroad - November 15 (early deadline) and March 15
  • Fall Study Abroad - April 15
  • Academic Year Study Abroad - April 15

University Honors Program Scholarship

University Honors Program students in good standing may also complete the Honors Scholarship Essay found on the last page of the Request for Funding form. To be considered for this scholarship, submissions must also include the Student Study Abroad Budget (found on your program's page on this site), even for those students who are only applying for the Honors Scholarship. Students applying to both the Study Abroad scholarship and University Honors Program scholarship only need to submit one copy of the Request for Funding and the Budget forms.

Award Requirements

Students who are awarded a scholarship from the Study Abroad Office have several requirements associated with the award. In order for the scholarship to be released to Financial Aid, students must submit the Scholarship Acceptance Form and complete all forms on ViaTRM. Students who fail to complete these requirements by the deadlines listed in their award letter will forfeit their scholarships.

Additionally, each recipient is asked to do a follow-on project during or after their time abroad. Students are given a variety of choices to fulfill this requirement, or they can develop their own project with the support of the Office of Global Engagement.

If you have questions about the OCU Study Abroad Scholarship, please email Rachael Brown, Study Abroad Coordinator, at