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Official Logos

A very important note on using the OCU Logos

  • Don't stretch the logo, vertically or horizontally. Please make sure your scaling is proportional! (Semi-pro tip: As you resize the logo, hold the shift key to automatically keep it proportional.)
  • Don't resize any of the elements.
  • Don't rotate or rearrange any of the elements.
  • Don't add a drop shadow to any of the elements.
  • Don't use unapproved colors or color combinations. Go to our colors page to find out how to properly get colorful!
Primary logos header image
Official Primary Logo Vertical image

Primary Vertical Logo

Primary horizontal logo image

Primary Horizontal Logo

Primary Logo Packet
Secondary logos header image
Secondary vertical logo image

Secondary Vertical Arrangement

Secondary horizontal logo image

Secondary Horizontal Arrangement

Departmental logo packets are available upon request.

Please email Kevin Miller and let him know what you need.

Athletic Logos header image
Athletic Stars Logo image

Primary Athletic Stars Logo

Athletic OCU logo image

Athletic OCU Logo

Star only logo image

Star Only Logomark

Athletic Logo Packet

Don't see what you need in the downloads?

Email Kevin Miller and he'll get you fixed up.